friday 13


We all know that by tradition is considered Friday 13 an unlucky day. my friends and i decide to go to the club. sonia , gabriela , and mafe we all went to school together. well, the nigth arrive and we all went to dinner. then it starts raining so mafe look for an umbrella for us when we tried to openned it was broken so we get wet. when we arrived to the club we had to run because it was raining and the unmbrella was broken so sonia starts running and her shirt went down. we all where wet and hungry so we order food.

mafe whith out knowing stirred her tea with a knife that was dirty and on the floor, gabi also without knowing ate an ice with which sonia had massaged the feet, sonia started playing in the rain and she felt down in the wet floor.

Also we were drinking ginger ale and sonias glass gas broken.
for some reason the bad luck havent affected me till i recived 2 burps in the face